be it.™

Embody a need.

it. invents advanced technology for trading self-harvested electricity. We manufacture what we named energy mining and trading platforms inside wearables and clothing.


Wear your power source

Our energy mining “mBOD” garment series prototype apparel use T.E.M.M, thermo-electric mining membrane™ technology to harvest body heat in a raised strip inside the collar of the shirt.


There is always more to gain

More useable electricity is being mined by M.A.S.S, motion activated sinuosity sensor™ which is worn inside a band inside the sleeve of the garment patent-pending’17. It reacts to human motion.

The processing core of each garment, E.M.M.S v7 energy mining mico-system delivers more current than what it takes to practically keep a cell phone device at 100% charge for an unlimited time.

We understand that as with every game-changing invention in history, we have faced doubt and critique over the efficiency of our systems before.


Our answer to that and our corporate mission is based on our “evolution formula to all life on earth” which states:

   “to do – to follow a need.”
“to make – to fill a need.”
“to create – to invent a need.”
“to be – to embody a need.”
be it.™

This translates to your personal invitation to join a World Energy Revolution and to embody a need by being it.


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC